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Using fashion as a statement for equality is a perfect way to spread it.​
WE ARE EQUAL was started in 2014 by Iza Wolhardt. A little idea grew into something bigger and finally became a reality.
Iza has always been the artistic, creative and interested in fashion and textile. She has a strong opinion when it comes to equality in all ways and is not afraid to talk about it.

Today is WE ARE EQUAL a company that designs clothes with high quality and durability.

The clothes are organic. The people who make the clothes are mostly women from India who have been offered jobs at the factory for a higher living wage than what is offered in other factories. They also do not need to work among toxic emissions. The clothes are transported by boat to reduce emissions. This enables the delivery times will be longer, but it is much better for the environment.

We can in good conscience wear our WE ARE EQUAL clothes.